TrackMyStop has been designed to give you a general sense of your current location. While you are traveling on any of the train routes supported by TrackMyStop, you can use this application to track the progress of your journey. It will keep you informed about the approximate current distance to the destination station stop you select. TrackMyStop will also alert you when you reach within a specified radius from your destination stop. However, the features and functionality supported in TrackMyStop may perform subject to the limitations listed on this page.

    1. TrackMyStop will not be able to track your current location and, therefore, will not be able to calculate how far your destination station stop is under following circumstances:

        • You have not enabled location services on your device

        • Your device does not support location services.

        • You have not authorized TrackMyStop to use your location.

        • There is no mobile service.

        • You have turned on the Airplane mode on your device.

        • Your device is neither connected to a cellular data nor WiFi Network.

        • Your train is passing through a tunnel or through an area where cellular or location services are not available.

    2. TrackMyStop shows your current location and speed when available. These are the most recent location and speed TrackMyStop has obtained from your device. Normally, the location and speed is updated after you have traveled approximately half a mile, 1 mile or 2 miles depending upon the Tracking Frequency selected by you. Thus, the location and speed displayed on your device may not be the exact location where you are or the exact speed at which you are traveling at the very moment when you are looking at your device. For example just a few seconds after TrackMyStop displays the speed, train may slow down or come to a complete stop. But the speed may not be updated until you travel at least half a mile.

    3. While traveling on routes, which are circular or of zigzag shapes, TrackMyStop may show you alerts earlier than expected. To avoid such situations, please choose an appropriate (usually a smaller) alert radius.

    4. TrackMyStop uses GPS in your device to track your location even when it is running in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

    5. While using TrackMyStop with WiFi, provided on trains by some railroad companies, on your iPad or iPod not having a cellular data plan, the number of location updates may be infrequent. Due to this, the distance to your destination may be updated infrequently or may be less accurate.