TrackMyStop uses your GPS location to calculate how far you are from your selected destination Station Stop. Your GPS location is used for this purpose and to perform various functions supported within this App. We do not use the GPS location for any other purpose. The GPS location is neither recorded nor transmitted by TrackMyStop to our own or any other third-party’s database/server. Such use of your location by the App is completely anonymous. TrackMyStop does not access your personal information or the ID/serial number of your device.

If you use the SMS My Ride feature of TrackMyStop, it composes an SMS message that includes your reverse geo-coded location (usually City and State). This information is transmitted via SMS to only those people you choose and only when you press the send button provided on the screen where SMS messages are composed.

If you contact us by e-mail for requesting support and for providing feedback or suggestions, we will use your contact information to respond to you. We will take due care to protect such personal information and we will not share your personal information with any other third-party without your prior consent.